In this ongoing series, Lotman pairs medium format photography with haiku and senryu poems. In Sean’s words, “Haiku poetry, like photography, has an instant, strong, fairly emotional resonance. I find the haiku and photographs enhance each others power so that, very briefly, a story is told.” All photos were taken with a Diana F+ toy camera.

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The Sighs We Make

The Sighs We Make

she saw a likeness
in all the birds in the sky
to love she’d long lost

An Ordinary Life Crisis

An Ordinary Life Crisis

as the fog rolled in
i lost my way, baffled how
i’d come to be here

Twains Never Meeting

kipling made famous
the “east is east” argument
pre MTV years!


you can’t put dates on
the era of good feeling
’til it’s all over

On The Tapedeck

because being cool
is more than a one-night gig;
it’s a career path

Expecting to Fly

Expecting To Fly

“a moment,” pausing,
puffing her chest out, she trilled
like a diving jay



tread safely: day jobs,
they might not make the man but
they can ruin him

Introspection Is Overrated

Introspection is Overrated

i spent sleepless nights
in self-examination,
once, when i was young

Timing is Everything

Timing Is Everything

it’s best to attempt
a life of goodness once one’s
done with bad habits

What He Stares At From the Driver’s Seat

What He Stares At From The Drivers Seat

to survive: he built
an oasis of the mind
where he rambles free

View more from the series here

Sean Miles Lotman is a writer and photographer from Los Angeles living in Tokyo, Japan.



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