I have always believed that the most important thing a human being can do is create, and if creation is the whispering of personal truths into the commotion of existence, then I established Fogged Clarity to make those whispers a little more audible. For me fogged clarity is the light caught on the canvas of a rain-slicked street, it’s remembering my age when I smell autumn, it’s the melancholia of a John Cheever story, or the chills that run down my back when I hear Adam Duritz sing. We all have our own evocations. The art in this journal is their product. Fogged Clarity aims to showcase the work of some of the most intense and gifted thinkers in the world, some renown and others still hidden. Hopefully you will find something resonant here, something stirring and poignant, or perhaps you will find the inspiration to share the fruits of your own fogged clarity.

Warmest Regards,

Ben Evans
Executive Editor

What makes Fogged Clarity Unique?

By incorporating music and the visual arts, Fogged Clarity aims to transcend the conventions of a typical literary journal. Our network is extensive and our scope is as broad as thought itself—we are, you are, unconstrained. With that spirit in mind, Fogged Clarity is a forum for the work of authors, artists, scholars, and musicians. We provide a clean, beautiful, highly-trafficked home for contemporary art and thought that warrants exposure.