Dawn Schout The ground they stand on rumbles. Earth splits open, parts its lips, yawns, exposing brown teeth. It swallows him but leaves her, closes its puckered mouth. She smoothes the scar, wipes the smirk off its lips. Dawn Schout has published poems in Lucidity Poetry Journal, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and Tipton Poetry… More

Sissy, of Corint

Caitlin Horrocks Sissy had worked weekends at Corint’s Steakhouse since she was 15 and not allowed to carry open drinks to the tables. Another server or bartender had to do it for her and they grumbled, but not too loudly, because she was the boss’s daughter, and Zachary Corint was one of the few bosses… More

Judson Claiborne

Thax Douglas 7/13/09- Schuba’s Tavern Thinking it’s a pillow you let your head fall back, but fooled by empty space again you crane your neck and realize it’s a map- you wonder if you let your head fall far enough if you could live there. Thax Douglas is a poet living in Chicago. He is… More


Niels Hav When you see a monkey banging a clam against a stone it is like seeing one’s self investigating a philosophical problem. No one can preclude that animals are cleverer than us, they manage life without words, we’re unable to do that. Silence leads us astray in a psychic labyrinth, words flicker through the… More

ROTHBURY Music Festival

Ben Evans The first week in July marked the second annual ROTHBURY Music Festival. For five days (July 2nd-July 6th) a huge plot of farmland in rural Western Michigan played host to over 40,000 people and 100 bands, all of whom seemed to be quite happy dancing about in the Midwestern amber. Whereas many people… More

The Path to Ask

Amy King No punch in the gut. No black then blue. No guessing or “pro” antlers. I look sexy in clothes. Better with someone who knows better. Armed candy tanks, this continent bleeding from the middle umbilical out. Is the horse hooves on camel backs, is the store water stuffed fat. Our floor sweats the… More


Amy King With a cigarette smile, he killed the first crime of outlaw: bake your bread on the side you butter. He ate raw, she felt. Be the one your man can stand behind in a gunfight. Put a bullet in the throat that spews fire for your belly. Such was the lightning of life:… More