The Madwoman Feels Vulnerable

Ann Howells exposed in a way she hasn’t felt before. She locks her door, adds deadbolt and chain, drives a wedge beneath to hold it, closes blinds so no one can watch her. The madwoman fears the dark, burns a night light in every outlet, runs the tv all day. No one must know she’s… More

Joseph Scott

The singer/songwriter sits down with Ben Evans to discuss his new record, A Face Made of Wood


Pop Psychology

Dylan James Brock Part 1 22 June 2002, twelve am Chloe and I sit facing each other on the stone railing of her front porch. It must be midnight – the stoplight above the intersection of Grant and Cherokee just started blinking red. I sip from a cup of coffee that is somehow cold in… More

How to Think About Politics

Ryan McCarl First, question everything, beginning with the political ideas you inherited from your parents, family, community, church, and school. Create an inventory, in your mind or on paper, of these ideas: what are your strong, visceral, “gut” feelings about the political parties, religion in schools, the legalization versus criminalization of abortion, taxation, drug laws,… More


Dawn Schout The ground they stand on rumbles. Earth splits open, parts its lips, yawns, exposing brown teeth. It swallows him but leaves her, closes its puckered mouth. She smoothes the scar, wipes the smirk off its lips. Dawn Schout has published poems in Lucidity Poetry Journal, Glass: A Journal of Poetry, and Tipton Poetry… More