It’s Summertime! Submit Some Stuff!

Work is slow. School is finished. The kiddos are away at camp. Across most of the country, it’s already too effing hot to go outside without immediately feeling that you will most definitely perish from heat exhaustion within 60 seconds. You’re mostly just bullshitting around until you take your vacation anyway. Need something to do?… More

Book 2 of 100: Hannah Tinti’s The Good Thief

I received Hannah Tinti’s gem of a novel, The Good Thief, in the mail as a free gift from the literary journal One Story, along with an invitation to what sounded like a really awesome AWP Conference event. (If you aren’t a One Story subscriber, do it. They’re great, and every three weeks you’ll get… More


More than changing the way information is shared, expanding communities, or aiding social advocacy, I love the Internet because it allows me to waste copious amounts of time while still feeling like I’m doing something productive (like reading the news), or interesting (like reading brilliant and hilarious blogs), or educational (like learning about nature). I… More

The Year of 100 Books

Jim’s post this week on what he’s stopped reading inspired me to take a good look at what I haven’t even started. Long before I ever considered myself a writer, I was a reader, and even now, I feel like I at least do a fair amount of it. But the reading I do is… More