May 2009

Table of Contents Fiction Harvey Havel The Cloth M. David Hornbuckle The Boy Who Cried Wolves Bill Hillmann The Birth of Pistol Pete Poetry Jules Gibbs Love’s Apparatus Song for a Bomb Washer Women Ashok Niyogi Exercises at Ten Thousand Feet J.M. English Lot’s Firstborn Paltith, or Lot’s Other Daughter Fallon Kimball Beams Upon Cherry… More

Astonishing Collapse

All this living embodiment this rationality
This finite maximal production, these borders

Between the final astonishing collapse accompanied
By a resounding redundancy a pervasive pall of fear
Over the invoked legacy ultimately denying
The capacity of possibility for future More

April 2009

Table of Contents Fiction Ikhide R. Ikheloa The Second Coming Richard Cassone Out of Gas Angela Natividad The Expats Poetry Ashok Niyogi Lunch on Holi Stopping at a Traffic Light Post Office on the Ridge Parakeet Howie Good There’s No Money In Poetry, Someone Said Spring, Delayed The Secret Policemen’s Ball Brian Hardie Alice James,… More