November 2009

We usher in November with a new section and another collection of compelling work. John Hemingway debuts his story Me and Henry Miller, Stuart “boy genius” Bogie shares his prog-jazz gem, Fall Down Seven Times, Stand up Eight, I sit down to chat with the enigmatic Daniel Pinchbeck, C.N. Bean sets a grass fire, Françoise… More

Les Diaboliques

Françoise Nielly’s painting is sexual. Her colors are free, exuberant, surprising and explosive. Her knife incises and her pallet bursts. More

Figurative Visions

A. Andrew Gonzalez achieves a sculptural look by airbrushing acrylics onto gesso panels, then lifting pigment with an abrasive eraser. This is followed by the application of transparent layers of paint. In darker sections, he may repeat these steps many times over. Claybord provides the best surface for this technique, but on rare occasion, the artist will use canvas. More

October 2009

It was a pendulum September, and for thirty days I swung between discomfort and inspiration. This time around, New York was a vat of crackling oil; its energy scalding my ambitions, then renewing my vigor. Dear October, How are you my old friend? We have only met twenty six times, but I feel like I… More

Wheaton College

Friday November 6th 2009, 7:30PM Molly Jenson Strand of Oaks Samantha Farrell with opening act Milano Friday November 6th 2009, 7:30PM Wheaton College Chicago Tickets are $10.00 for students and $15.00 for general admission and are available at The Wheaton College Bookstore or by selecting an option below. Ticket Type General Admission $15.00 Student $10.00 More