Inspire or Expire

A few years ago I moved to what seemed to be a nice apartment, in an odd, nonresidential, part of town, in an old triangular building that stood on a corner all by itself. As it turned out it was an awful place to live. The building was too small and the apartments were too… More

Confessions (of an E-Book Reader)

I like to consider myself on the cutting edge of hating e-books; most people take pride in what they liked before it was popular, but I was one of the first to dislike something. I remember reading an article about the Kindle in a doctor’s office magazine (Time or something like that) before it even… More

On the Debates

Now that the presidential debates are over, I can finally check Facebook again. Well, not really, since no one ever really stops checking Facebook, but at least now I can stop rolling my eyes with every other status update. It’s not that they’re all bad—I never would have learned about the “binders full of women”… More