Imaging Figures: #2

If Woolf points, in “Walter Sickert” (1934), to the reciprocal stewardship of persons and things, adumbrating how the one can only be the custodian of the other, what manner of seeing structures the import of custodial care? We are meant, I think, to interpret care not in the penitentiary sense, not as though the two… More

Bad Advice

I don’t know about the rest of you, but here in the Provinces, far away from the twin capitols of New York and Los Angeles, our newspapers don’t print any of those thinking columnists we hear rumors of (we’re lucky if the TV guide is accurate); instead, we get people like Dave Ramsey and Mary… More

Theater Review

In the last several years I’ve been writing a series of “review poems.” I think of them either as “meta-poems” or perhaps as “meta-reviews.” In either case, rather than being a dutiful poetic commentary on a particular work, they look to do a few things that seem (to me at least) to be more interesting.… More