Guide to the Guides: Writing Fiction

This is the final installment of Guide to the Guides; I’ve covered most of my own books that I thought most important, and I’m ready to write about different subjects. I hope someone has found this useful. But before I dwell too much on the end, I’d like to comment on Writing Fiction by Janet… More

Albany Journal – 7/19/12

I decided yesterday that I wanted to get out of Albany for a little while and check out the rest of the world beyond it.  That’s when some stroke of genius came to me, as I organized my friends and checked out the Turning Stone Hotel and Casino on Native American soil about two hours west… More

Albany Journal – 4/17/12

It has been a wonderful week for poetry here in the Capital Region, and it kicked off this weekend with two of the great Albany street poets: Don Lev and Don Levy, both of whom spoke at the Robert Burns statue in Washington Park on Saturday night.  The venerable Donald Lev, already a certified master… More