Albany Journal – 7/11/12

I don’t know how it exactly happened, but for some reason I fell asleep for three days and just came to consciousness last night.  I was playing softball with other recovering people on Friday last week when the temperature hovered around 93 degrees.  I ran a lot, hit the ball when I could, and played… More

Guide to the Guides: Aspects of the Novel

I hope those of you trapped in the heat wave are finding a way to stay cool. Whether you’re at the beach or locked inside with AC blaring, what better way to pass the time than reading a book about fiction writing (or at least my opinion of one). Today, I’m looking at E.M. Forster’s… More

Winning Words

Winning Words When I was young, during the summer, a friend and I played tennis nearly every day, and nearly every day he beat me. We were equally skilled, there was no advantage in equipment, and the games and sets we played often came down to the wire. Yet I would invariably lose a key… More

Albany Journal – 7/8/12

It is a lot cooler today, so we are blessed here with a comfort that we haven’t experienced for a week of very high temperatures.  And still my eyes are attached to the weatherman on the news channel, as what I do each day is really determined by the weather.  I hope these cool temperatures… More