Lewis & Clarke

On the precipice of his band’s latest release, “Triumvirate”, Lewis & Clarke’s founder and front man Lou Rogai covers Lee Clayton’s song “Silver Stallion” in an abandoned Pennsylvanian chapel. More

Sara Azriel

Providence songwriter Sara Azriel puts her textured, luxuriant voice on full display in this exclusive Fogged Clarity session. More

Fred Thomas

The former frontman of Saturday Looks Good to Me records three gorgeous tracks for this special Clarity session. More

Jenn Rawling & Basho Parks

Channeling ghosts from the vastness of the west, Jenn and Basho stripped it down to record this three-song Clarity session. Earnest, with a rusted sweetness, the tracks find these musicians at their finest and most resonant.

Barton Carroll

Barton Carroll sings that “…beauty come by honest, is beautiful indeed.” If this session is any indication, he has never told a lie. More

St Salvia

St Salvia records a three-song session for our series. More