Will Oldham V

BE: I’m Ben Evans. Today, January 18th, 2017, I’m pleased to be joined again by my friend—the musician, actor, and human being—Will Oldham; a Will Oldham who I presume is quite tan having just returned from Jamaica. Will, welcome. How are you? WO: I’m pretty good today. Today feels like a pretty good day. BE:… More

David Bradley

David Bradley reflects on writing and the complicated politics of Western Pennsylvania in an interview conducted by Michael McDermit for Fogged Clarity’s Inauguration Issue. More

Rick Ewing

Author Rick Ewing discusses his 5 years spent as a homeless alcoholic on the streets of New Jersey, and how they inspired his first novella. More

Paisley Rekdal

An interview with poet and author Paisley Rekdal appearing in the Spring 2016 issue of Fogged Clarity. More

Matt Rader

Canadian poet & author Matt Rader sits down with Tarn Painter-MacArthur to discuss weaving temporalities, his childhood caretaker, and his forthcoming collection, Desecrations. TRANSCRIPTION Tarn MacArthur: Hello and welcome to another Fogged Clarity interview, I’m Tarn MacArthur, and we’re lucky to have the poet and author Matt Rader with us today. Matt, good to see… More

James Kimbrell

Award-winning poet James Kimbrell discusses form and disorder, bait shrimp, and how Florida’s Marianna Caves helped shaped his conception of time in this exclusive audio interview. More