Jeff Daniels

Actor and musician Jeff Daniels talks about his upcoming films, gigging down to Nashville with his son, and living life in the public eye. More

Eric Elbogen

Eric Elbogen, conductor of the one-man band Say Hi, discusses heartbreak, growth, and the making of his latest record, Um, Uh Oh. More

Kathryn Harrison

In an intimate discussion, the bestselling author talks about overcoming a psychologically abusive childhood, her dances on the dark side, and writing as liberation. More

Will Oldham

Ben goes on an aural adventure with musician and actor Will Oldham, known to many as Bonnie “Prince” Billy. More

The Great Unknown

Todd, Jordan, Matt, and Brad sit down in Grand Haven to discuss their six school tour, their music, and life on the road. More

Andre Dubus III

The author of House of Sand and Fog and The Garden of Last Days discusses his writing, his father, and watching “Batman” with Kurt Vonnegut. More