After Storm Warnings

Marion Brown You blue-eyed the camera and calculated quantities to bake. You wanted berries for muffins or a blue cake. Scouring the bright field, you leaned on your husband, sky for a shawl. (How thin you had grown; how keenly you felt cold.) I made too much of weather, so I missed the cloud break,… More

American Primitive

Lori Lamothe A hawk glides in on the music of lawnmowers. The light’s a sieve, darkness sifts down. The wingtips of the hawk brush the grass and in a single bound its shadow soars over the ghosts of television sets haunting identical houses. The wingspan of the hawk cuts a path through the air and… More


Lori Lamothe Substitutions so glib you hardly notice them that’s what you’re looking for. If you can find all fourteen before the hourglass inverts and ketchup splatters across the chests of twin cowboys you’ll win an all expense paid trip to fluorescence. Not a lasso but a golden ring. Not boots but cross-trainers. Only ten… More

Reading Wallace Stevens in Danang Harbor, 1970

Patrick Cook “…a calm darkens among water lights.” Anchored, the ship strains, turns slowly. Light-worms shimmy, writing a message only fish can read. On the fantail I watch as dock lights focus to pinpoints, harbor finally smooth. Parachute flare behind Monkey Mountain burns white, winks out. Another rises, blooms, begins its fall. Jagged rocks at… More


Gregg Shotwell all the evidence is in and it’s mounting the horse of mourning as the wind covers the mirrors and clouds the senses with whispers pinned to pine needles which sing September is a time to remember we leave nothing behind but seeds Gregg Shotwell is the author of Autoworkers Under the Gun. His… More


Julie Sheehan He has placed before you fire and water; stretch out your hand for whichever you choose. Sirach 15:16 Can it be thrift when math necessitates you choose between power or a timer belt? A car can run on hope, but LIPA dealt its inky cut-off notice: thrift dictates more making-do. Thus should we… More

Hot Tips for Attracting Investors

Julie Sheehan Girls, boost your confidence. The competition’s fierce. If you don’t glisten, You’ll never have a chance. My next pet peeve is leave the pre-Madonna Attitude at home! You wanna win, but not by stepping on another girl. It bares repeating: keep your social morays clean. Be curtious! Who cares Your sister’s fat and… More

Wedding in the Hesperides

Patty Seyburn You should have known I’d return. My letters to you always embraced the left margin, the page’s West where the golden apples grew – yes, yes, those same apples Atalanta gathered up while she ran against her suitor, Hippomenes and in losing, poor virgin, lost herself to marriage. I am a better loser:… More