From the Middle of It

Out here on Discovery in the song light of another long day walking sheets through the blade and drawing shapes upon the bare walls of the house my children will someday return to as strangers and maybe for a moment remember the summer I worked like a madman, the land and the house so new… More

His Previous Life as a Lichen

He did not go far, and the journey was long. It seemed his quest was to enact the shadow of a distant ridge, until it was the distant ridge that became somehow the shadow of him. This freed him to swaddle an entire stone, to be a cloak, to gown the gray granite of a… More

Box of Oxygen

At the gate     I told the blond ranger a man headed straight into me as if he’d knock me down or walk right through my body a door     She smiled said for some it’s a meeting place     I had to run a long way to reach the tiny buildings for them to… More

My Lot

Across the street most mornings the field’s far patch looks shorn The light has a brilliant edge that evens across the grass But it’s not cut, really This morning though the whole of it is brown with billets and I remember I lost you I took the blade of my crazy and cut us down… More

On the Green Banana Leaf

I think, in the end, we must just fall under the weight of all our undigested measures The brown anole on the green banana leaf tugging at its sleeve drawing the skin into its boat-shaped mouth sipping it really like hot coffee and then gulping a second raft of scales I’ve seen its yellow diamonds… More

The Burglars

It won’t be personal, though you will smell them for a week, their amphetamine whiteness on everything. You were nothing to them. You were a kind of money. You were a mine or a cave. You were in fact empty, a dispossession. Unguarded and perhaps even abandoned, it might have seemed to them, when they… More

There Let the Way Appear

I press a lathered washcloth across your chest and belly. So this is all our lives have been leading to. Retching fills the bathroom air. Reaching above my head, I open the window, drawing the scent of sweet alyssum, like honey, like stillness after rage. Hush. You’re talking nonsense. I lift your elbow to clean… More