Keetje Kuipers The streets were glass, the cars and salt-bellied trucks slid across them—perfect pirouettes until the light’s red. Beyond the frosted windows were the animals, and beyond the animals silence, baled hay like spools of thread scattered by a careless hand. In the next season would I become just one more hillside of purple… More

Snow Day with Baby

Keetje Kuipers We make an exploration of pans—the six inch round I use for yogurt cake, the bundt for kahlua pound—fill them with soapy water and dive whisks into bubbles, the dog skittering away. When lunch time comes, I remember my father, a revelation as he turned from the oven one winter day with plates… More

There Is No Question

Mark Yakich Mother thought grief would be romantic, Like euthanizing a dove with one solid crack. It was like having to clutch an unclothed Baby who urinates from both ends. She imagined she’d shave her head And run off to a seasonless island In the Pacific. She just Drove to the coast and wept In… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield Omen. Ailment. What The prayer moment intones. The god-itch. And the electric fields When spring plugs yellow in and water sings. Bring the cup. Bring the potsherd. Read the broken name. The Moon is an example of the Shut door seeking a key. Wild sea. Open.   Song Closed circuit of the… More

Stinger and Shovel

Michael Sandler With foreleg and mandible a wasp, thread-waisted, daubs and trowels small globes of mud on a joist among the rafters till with a spade’s square edge I chisel his embryo to clods. We each in our way emit a cry or buzz of things accomplished— but the same primal joy in what we… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield Be of ruin this rude maker. Rubble be. Ruin be. Be not a stone. Hellstone. Hailstone. Hellebore Take root in the broken and bloom. Bloom blood into bitter lake Or let dirt drink its fill. The bee moans In its thin cup. Pollen and trouble. Mark it in bronze, poet. Grab the… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield It has no mouth. No eyes. Father, it has no body. You tell me to make friends with it But no one makes friends with the dark. Dark has hands, daughter. Slow they shut Tight the sky black from blue. Study the night by sleeping it through. Go South into yourself. Take… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield Deluges of lethe. Cannot shake at noon sleep From eyes. In eyes. See snake Awake in the wet lock of grass. Grasp the thought by the tail and wait. Mistook a cloud for a woman. Weeps the same. In mist lost The same. Hand of no refuge. Song Image of the gorgon’s… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield You be awe. I’ll be knife. There’s an altar by the water. You be creature. I’ll be priest. Slack sails wait wind. Wind waits feast. Least blood most blessed. You be what I lack. Ceased asking why. Ceased open eyes. You Alter in darkness alone. My girl of gold-hair- Life. Be antlers… More