Nativity Love Song

Emily Loftis Skinbag of bones at a backchurch graveyard, where we drove to fuck, while bruised December sits low over your loose tongued ’85 Toyota You are Adam I am an Adam too. And next to my window, a church lawn holds the sign, LIVE! YOU ARE GOD’S CHILDREN over Trinity’s Christmas nativity, hushholding still… More

Seeing Eye

Kevin Simmonds Chosen because you didn’t run from the ball or ringing bell. You go to school a believer in treats for complete stops and avoiding fire. Habit becomes pleasure. And there will never be anything more delicious for you than obedience. Kevin Simmonds is a writer and musician originally from New Orleans. His writing… More

1.21 Jigowatts

Daniel Romo Today a sixty-something man zooms past my sedan. Last night he came during paid sex faster than his Mustang’s top speed. His plugs look believable; they blow like bewildered bumblebees caught in the fiery hive of the Santa Anas’ swarm. There is no one in the passenger seat. He is smiling as if… More

The Cellini Night

John M. Anderson A laser surgery of first light. The Gorgon’s lavish body twists like streets, Tuscan slate, and the Cellini night holds the trophy gibbous moon in a fisted Olympic salute. Here are the needles and gouts and coaxial cables of patina-green bronze blood down the block from the internet café. John M. Anderson… More

Connective Tissue

Glenn Ashley Paterson Someone whistles in the parking garage and the echo settles in the spaces between rows of parked cars. … In one moment she is the world drowning in rain. In the next, she is nothing more than the candle I am falling asleep by. … The words in my head quiver with… More

Blackberry Winter

J. Delayne Ryms We keep sleeping Under blue down, purpling. Others call, intrusions. Who could want us? Mornings bruise in like Blindness You root behind Me, nudging and nudging. Soon I will creep over the edge To feed my slim hope. My new pills Flutter off the sheets. I net the sluggish butterflies, one By… More