Mark DeCarteret Afterwards– bedlam cardinals descending everywhere, fate gyrating, heaven’s inked– juxtaposing knees, liturgies mention nothing of peculiar quiet, reddened snows, trumpeting! Universal vocabulary’s whimpering, x’d yielding—zeros. *Music by James Rioux Mark DeCarteret is currently the Poet Laureate of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His poems have been published in AGNI, Boston Review, Chicago Review, Salt Hill,… More


Sid Miller After the crash, everything that shattered and hissed can be replaced. The smell of gasoline has dissipated. The blood on the upholstery scrubbed clean. The dents throughout the body pulled out, buffed and painted. Of course the dream won’t dissipate. But that’s okay. It’s expected—the haunting. Now the closer truth—the new radiator and… More

Excavation, The Dig

Clarissa Olivarez Let us first look for one without expectations. As Carson postulates, Eros may very well be the sweet followed by the bitter. But is that where my depression began? When we met, You took me to the fun house in New Orleans – Standing on the platform at the end of the bridge… More

Too Much Breath

Martin Balgach In the fireplace Two logs burn serendipitously But I want another blanket They say the snow Will last until tomorrow Now and then A branch pops up like a soggy spring Shaking off the weight of white Given the circumstance of seasons Living like this is not so bad But take away the… More

Hard Frost

Ruth Foley Suddenly, the leaves cannot keep silent. They snap like brittle fingers under torture. They slice the air and leave it gasping, open. At first, they say, you are too surprised to feel pain. I think the air must be like that today, stunned into speechlessness by the violent turning of what once seemed… More


Mara Michael Jebsen i’m starting to be startled       by the way time passes it seems to fall out              like clumps of hair its November         the Hudson river’s all gooseflesh and silver the history books sing of trains, souls boarding and riding       till… More

Martin Miller

I Am War – It erupts again, possessing in full, that fury to survive and acquit without shame.
For some, mere lines in sand, for me, echoing horror ringing from stone to stone from stump to stump.
I am changed, mild to fierce… More