Before I was Born

Rachel Mehl my parents read Mother Earth News, sold their house in Seattle to buy a 35 acre plot of forest and swamp. They built a house with a wood furnace, and planted a vine maple in the courtyard to cool the hall in summers. Grandpa Hi water witched. They put in a well. My… More

Another Broken Doe

Rachel Mehl A parent could tell a child she was praying, her back legs broken, facing the trees along the freeway, sitting up like a dog. I had to swerve not to hit her. I have a friend who writes of desire. Of the bodies flesh and bone. Sex without love, I’ve figured out, but… More

From Beneath the Bridge

P. Ivan Young I hear the knocking of their hooves, watch the wood splinter, needle the sun shafts that pierce my dark. Who wouldn’t challenge the boldness of young goats crossing to greener pastures as if this were some right? I knew their deception would end badly for me. But because they were trying something… More

I Do Haiku You

Pairing haiku with medium format photography, artist Sean Miles Lotman interprets his experience in Asia. More


Michael T. Young Page 129 of “The Red Book” by Carl Jung Even in the smallest village there was always someone who believed, the one who watched while the town slept and over the dark roofs, every night, studied the vacuums spanned by desire and called out to his star. Time uncoiled itself like a… More

Listening to Li Po’s Garden

James Hughes Cadence in the sun And you and I the feel Of the green indifference, Afternoon set upon the lawn- A scene acceptant. We apart as two are one In every shape that moves Along the grass, not as Troubled bones in flesh announced; Our shadows lie behooved Among the garden blooms- Pasted by… More