Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield It has no mouth. No eyes. Father, it has no body. You tell me to make friends with it But no one makes friends with the dark. Dark has hands, daughter. Slow they shut Tight the sky black from blue. Study the night by sleeping it through. Go South into yourself. Take… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield Deluges of lethe. Cannot shake at noon sleep From eyes. In eyes. See snake Awake in the wet lock of grass. Grasp the thought by the tail and wait. Mistook a cloud for a woman. Weeps the same. In mist lost The same. Hand of no refuge. Song Image of the gorgon’s… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield You be awe. I’ll be knife. There’s an altar by the water. You be creature. I’ll be priest. Slack sails wait wind. Wind waits feast. Least blood most blessed. You be what I lack. Ceased asking why. Ceased open eyes. You Alter in darkness alone. My girl of gold-hair- Life. Be antlers… More

Shield & Song

Dan Beachy-Quick Shield No goat song. No satyr. No dancing cloven hoof. No stiff prick. No wine-drunk Silenus singing love sick. No cyclops. No shepherds. Nothing but a stick. Wreck the bronze by beating it. Throw Brick. Throw spear. Throw Shit from stables. Let worms gnaw all. Go Gather harm and bring a little home.… More

No Ode

Matthew Cooperman I. The infinite caste and the soluble membrane, the papers of a wasp. “Earth has nothing I desire besides you…” Not a hand nor a bird nor a bicycle, never the one for delay… Systole: remembering the days of his youth it was ba-boom, not happening. As in square, ba-boom, the box. Not… More

Picasso (1937)

Campbell McGrath The canvas that yawns against a wall as blank as Guernica. The hand that guides the brush that seeks a form. The name of the town toward which the bombers dove: Guernica. Cattle on green hillsides, sheep in flocks above Guernica. a wall   a city   a ruin   a trope   a painting For the… More

Mao: On The Great Leap Forward (1958)

Campbell McGrath When I announce my intention to swim in Three Great Rivers my secretaries and advisors react with outrage. The water is too dirty, they protest, there is danger from currents, and mud holes, and whirlpools. What in this world is pure, I ask them? What in this world is free of risk? So… More