The Light Inside the Body

It is a peculiar thing only the tranquil mind can see, and once seen it shows you the other side of things– in the light you know what is broken can be fixed. Afaa Michael Weaver is the author of 14 collections of poetry, including The Government of Nature, which won the 2014 Kingsley Tufts… More


HIS HAND THIS MONTH YOUR SOUNDS MOTHLIKE Jessica Farquhar learned how to write her name at the counter of Fanelli’s, an ice cream parlor owned by her grandparents, which was regulared also by Muhammad Ali. You can find her work in recent or future issues of Interrupture, Diagram, and Sycamore Review. She holds a Master… More

The Chamber of Silence,

Martha Silano’s poem “The Chamber of Silence” appears in the Spring 2015 edition of Fogged Clarity. More

Saint Jerome Rides the T

Our lives unraveling in rain, late Sunday in March, on a platform of the T, we hug and wave goodbye to sons reared to manhood, who turn away and disappear, reminding us of the shame of knowing we’re redundant and crude, perhaps even a little deranged. Paula, forgive me for my constant complaint. In a… More

Flowers of Shanghai

after the film by Hou Hsiao-hsien In the Boston Common I take a bag of popcorn, sit near the playground on benches with the homeless, the chill of an August afternoon feeling good on the bones, and I rub my face with the edge of my sweater the way a puppy would use its fuzzy… More

There Was a Time

I could not bear to watch a cormorant in flight— neck cleaving the paper sky wings panic-paced on insufficient air— even resting looked like work: breast waterlogged, neck askew, wings broken umbrella struts held aloft to dry Today, at Lobos, a cormorant takes to air stitching sea to sky with easy grace she looks to… More

Exile on Main Street

My head, too, was an unexploded shell that summer of ‘67, Detroit burning a hundred miles away, so when one-armed Keebler and his buddy, Bogash, drive up in a coral-colored GTO two days into the riots and honk, I just swish a few, pet the purring car. And then it is my father who comes… More