Beyond Sight of Signs

If the window is open and I find leaves or bits of twig in my hair; if my feet are black with chimney soot… My apartment was a studio, sparsely furnished. I had a breakfast table, two chairs, and a mattress on the floor with large pillows and a red bedspread. The mattress was my… More

Bass Lake

Otto dipped the oars just below the surface, pulling farther away from the cabin his family had rented for the summer. The flat-bottomed boat rode over the small waves. Fir, oak, and hickory grew from the silt and rocks at the water’s edge. Aside from a few homes and summer rentals scattered among the low… More

Smoking Monkeys

Homeless, in the throes of alcoholism, Rick Ewing wrote a virtuosic novella in a New York public library. You can purchase one of 150 printed copies here. More

Animal Instincts

They feared few things more than losing their dog, or their dog dying, whether by causes natural or unnatural. Sim, a third generation bee keeper, and his wife Tawnya, a design assistant, would probably rather lose their house, they loved that dog so much, and had experienced too many scares over the years. He’d been… More

When You Say It Straight Out Like That

Joan Hill Edith Willoughby used scraps of newspaper and clear tape to mark her possessions. In her shaky scrawl she wrote her daughter’s name, Sarah, and tore it from the edge of an article about a mother who drove her minivan into the ocean with her three children strapped inside. Edith’s plan was that when… More

A Few Cans of Beer

Robert Earle Even earlier than Charlie across the street, Jack headed for the postal facility in North Philadelphia in his ‘61 Dodge Polara—the only good thing he ever got from his old man although it was ugly as sin. He had a grimy but trouble-free drive right past where he grew up in Roxborough, a… More