Algorithmic Abstracts

There are two components to the artwork that I am currently producing. First is the process; The challenge of composing images and code that create sprawling abstractions with multiple levels of detail excites and inspires me. I am especially interested in the use of generative and emergent processes combined with traditional composition of color and line… More

Astonishing Collapse

All this living embodiment this rationality
This finite maximal production, these borders

Between the final astonishing collapse accompanied
By a resounding redundancy a pervasive pall of fear
Over the invoked legacy ultimately denying
The capacity of possibility for future More


Homecoming is a short animated film exploring the work of Franz Kafka through his homonymous story. The story follows the homecoming of a wayward son back to his fathers’ farm where he spent the first years of his life.  The piece focuses on his inability to connect to the environment, and on his hesitation to make any step of approach… More

The Windows

The Windows is my attempt to visualize C.P.Cavafy’s poem of the same name. The animation was created in 2003, and was a personal project reflecting certain aspects of my own psychology at the time. A translation of the poem can be found below… More