Tribute to Banality

Photographers tend to showcase their best work. This film is an attempt to do the opposite – to create something out of those images I usually skip when browsing through my photo library: bland, boring images with no discernible subject or meaning. More


Nightlines was shot in Ørestaden near Copenhagen. Ørestaden has turned into the Manhattan of Denmark, with an array of new architecture rising. This series was shot along the metro lines and aims to place emphasis on some of these recently built structures. More


It all started one day. I picked up my first digital camera and so many days later here I am. Nothing has changed. Well, we all still wander with our eyes closed, overlooking the beautiful world in front of us. It’s not truly our fault .. lifestyle, work, family, friends, and life distract us. Don’t worry, that’s why there are photographers. More

Algorithmic Abstracts

There are two components to the artwork that I am currently producing. First is the process; The challenge of composing images and code that create sprawling abstractions with multiple levels of detail excites and inspires me. I am especially interested in the use of generative and emergent processes combined with traditional composition of color and line… More

A Little Secret

Twenty years after the Great Depression, Tom continues to spend his life trying to recall the moment his father forced him to bury his favorite pet. In his current state of fatal depression, Tom must finally uncover the truth to the secret that tore his family apart before he loses the only thing he has left…life. More