The Nine Day Wonder

The Nine Day Wonder is a self portrait series based of the concept of emotional transience. The phrase nine day wonder refers to a sensational event that evokes widespread interest for a time, but is soon forgotten. The backgrounds and foregrounds in this series… More


Often while riding my bike through the alleys and streets of Chicago, my mind gathers the imagery and often peeks through the windows of neighbors and strangers. I began collecting these images in drawings and later making them into relief prints, carving linoleum to create my pieces with a sharp, clean illustrative quality… More

Between Meaning and Material

My work is principally concerned with contemporary man’s mutable conception of Nature. Growing up on the rural Delmarva Peninsula, I became acquainted with the local flora and fauna at a young age. Whether working at field chores, hunting, fishing or simply playing, many of my experiences in the “natural” world were similar to those of Lewis Carroll’s Alice… More

Astonishing Collapse

All this living embodiment this rationality
This finite maximal production, these borders

Between the final astonishing collapse accompanied
By a resounding redundancy a pervasive pall of fear
Over the invoked legacy ultimately denying
The capacity of possibility for future More

Urban Generations

My art uses collages of photography, drawing, painting and patterning to create layers of images and meaning. The works deal with a variety of emotions about the coexistence of our urban landscape, nature and humanity. I am continually inspired by my surroundings, todays urban and natural environments… More

Past and Future Recognition

The main themes in my work concern relationships; those between individuals and those between ourselves and nature. The isolation of the individual and the collective, universally shared human experience are central tenets in my work. In these pieces I use color, light and shadow in real and surreal ways, allowing these images to be both familiar and strange… More