Urban Generations

My art uses collages of photography, drawing, painting and patterning to create layers of images and meaning. The works deal with a variety of emotions about the coexistence of our urban landscape, nature and humanity. I am continually inspired by my surroundings, todays urban and natural environments… More

Past and Future Recognition

The main themes in my work concern relationships; those between individuals and those between ourselves and nature. The isolation of the individual and the collective, universally shared human experience are central tenets in my work. In these pieces I use color, light and shadow in real and surreal ways, allowing these images to be both familiar and strange… More


The working title for this ongoing series of paintings was “Crate”. The subject of a figure in a box originated from a search for an image to represent the escapologist which could take its place beside various circus performers in a suite called “Smoke & Mirrors” . However, the works may now be considered as a stand-alone project… More


Homecoming is a short animated film exploring the work of Franz Kafka through his homonymous story. The story follows the homecoming of a wayward son back to his fathers’ farm where he spent the first years of his life.  The piece focuses on his inability to connect to the environment, and on his hesitation to make any step of approach… More

The Windows

The Windows is my attempt to visualize C.P.Cavafy’s poem of the same name. The animation was created in 2003, and was a personal project reflecting certain aspects of my own psychology at the time. A translation of the poem can be found below… More

Females and Ovipositions

In this series of oil paintings I examine stereotypes of femininity in contemporary Ukraine. Well known images of Eve, The Virgin Mary, Helen of Troy, and of Kateryna, the heroine of the emblematic Taras Shevchenko’s poem, along with the glamorous “cover stars” serve as role models for the socialization of Ukrainian girls… More

Naked Love

This series of nudes is something very close to my heart. The subjects were friends of mine; the lady, a childhood friend and the man her husband. The idea behind the shoot was to capture their natural and beautiful love with no distractions. Gone are the clothes, the jewelry, the makeup… More

Work in Ink

Primarily, my work is accomplished with ink. I use all sorts of applicators, from pens and metal nibs, to quills and brushes. The inherent dynamic of the line is at the heart of my aesthetic. I attempt to achieve infinite simultaneous realities within each piece. Consequently, each image looks very different over distances… More