The working title for this ongoing series of paintings was “Crate”. The subject of a figure in a box originated from a search for an image to represent the escapologist which could take its place beside various circus performers in a suite called “Smoke & Mirrors” . However, the works may now be considered as a stand-alone project… More

Females and Ovipositions

In this series of oil paintings I examine stereotypes of femininity in contemporary Ukraine. Well known images of Eve, The Virgin Mary, Helen of Troy, and of Kateryna, the heroine of the emblematic Taras Shevchenko’s poem, along with the glamorous “cover stars” serve as role models for the socialization of Ukrainian girls… More


The smallest thing can set me off, like the shape of a line, or the contrast of a color. In doing the pill paintings, I was thinking of our cultural addition to quick fixes, and how sad and funny it is. Pills are fun objects to look at and play with, they really remind me of candy, adult candy. More