There were so many beautiful moments during the creation of Fogged Clarity that will stay with me for the rest of my life. But in any project or piece of art there can be only one defining moment, only one true revelation, and mine took place on January 24th in a third floor apartment in Chicago’s Logan Square.

I had come down from Michigan to meet with our web designer, (the brilliant Ryan Daly) and interview Judson Claiborne’s Chris Salveter. Ryan was in his bedroom working on the site and Chris and I were speaking in the living room. A four o’clock sun was staining the den’s pinewood floors and the pale light was calming and true. We were midway through our interview when Chris picked up the Gibson in the corner and began to play his song Bloody Holiday in the Sun. Chris’s voice filled up the room, and as I sat on the couch and gazed out the picture window I began to cry. What Chris was doing was undeniable, it was impossible to listen to him and not be moved. At that moment I knew what Fogged Clarity was, why it is.