I anticipated technological obstacles when the S.S. Fogged Clarity shoved off into the sea of aesthetics on its maiden voyage. The first of these foreseen adversities occurred Friday afternoon when our vessel began to flood and subsequently slow down. After thoroughly inspecting the ship, the crew and I determined that the merchant (hosting provider) was ill-equipped to suit the needs of a burgeoning arts review……….. the metaphor is becoming tedious.

We switched hosting services, and as you can probably tell, the site is running much faster. However, during the three days it took us to transition to a new server our email was inactive. This means that if you submitted a piece of work for consideration between February 6th and February 9th we did not receive it. I personally apologize for this and ask that you resubmit any pieces sent over that time period. This will not happen again, foggedclarity.com is now in pristine condition, and it will continue to be this way thanks to our dedicated staff.


The March issue is shaping up beautifully.