Ah, 5:30am wake up call to get a media pass and camp out for four days. Camping with 30,000 people is something real special ehhhhhhh. There are couples that look exactly alike walking around everywhere, a man selling bratwursts wrapped in croissants, and the words mollie, peyote, rolls, and sid being tossed around like piñata candy. People wearing yellow shirts, so that they can be easily recognized.. but everyone is wearing a fucking yellow shirt and impulsing their way around the grounds.

Its all fine, our Brooklyn editor mixed me one of the finest bloody mary’s I have ever imbibed this morning and Toubab Krewe just killed it. I interview them tomorrow and Ryan Daly took some great photos of their show. Damn, the hippies are as thick as organic honey and strangle my faith in the world. A picture of a hippie should appear next to the word contradiction in the dictionary. But, friends and beautiful weather and beauty from those who can create it abound, though one must be shrewd in locating it. I am meeting a friend today, whom I haven’t seen in three years, I wonder if our forthcoming embrace will occur because we love each other, or because each of us is still alive. Probably a mixture of both. Tomorrow it is.

Love (not the empty hippie kind) Ben