A Woman Near Rio Grande

Over the past year and a half I have been taking meditation courses in the city. As a supplement to these courses I have also been studying Eastern philosophy, energy manipulation (in a positive sense), and healing. While I imagine some of you have already begun to role your eyes, as I have just confirmed your suspicion of drinking spiked orange juice, I will say this with no further justification: There comes a point when first hand experiences can no longer be dismissed as fantasy, when the profundity of consecutive and seemingly impossible things becomes undeniable. As a result one adjusts their worldview to incorporate these new lessons. It is in this vein that I tell you that hands on healing is real. So over 5000 miles from home, but only an instantaneous click away, I´m going to share an experience that happened almost two months ago.

While hitchhiking in Southern Argentina I was picked up by a fascinating man named Juan Carlos. We spoke for hours in his car until we finally arrived at the home of his ex-wife and mother-in-law. Even though Juan Carlos and his wife were divorced, they maintained a good relationship for the sake of their children and grand children. I learned very quickly that Juan Carlos´ marriage ended when his wife fell into a deep depression several years ago, a depression that she has yet to pull herself out of. She was bed ridden when I met her.

In the waves of discussions about politics, history, religion, and culture that we had, it came up that I had been studying healing arts. Juan Carlos´ mother-in-law begged me to help her daughter. I explained to her that I could not heal people, but that sometimes I am able to pass along a re-vitalizing energy. She ran off to her daughter´s room and came back saying that her daughter was willing to give anything a try. So I went into the bedroom and sat down beside her.

For the next 20 minutes we just talked. She explained that she had severe depression and had not slept in 5 days. She continued to tell me that she had had brain surgery for a tumor that needed to be removed, and then took my hand and ran it along the ridge line of the scar tissue. I told her what I was capable of doing, and she looked in my eyes and asked me if I believed in god. I told her I did.

I used to start my “healings” with a meditation, after she put her head at the end of the bed in front of the chair I was sitting in, I said a few internal prayers and felt my hands start to vibrate with the familiar “electricity” I feel when doing an energy transfer. I moved my hands to her head and instantly felt the energy being passed. We stayed in this position for about 40 minutes, and then I removed my hands and said a few more silent prayers. A few minutes later she sat up and looked at me. She said “I felt your hands tingling,” and then started to cry. She then fell asleep for an hour as I continued to sit by her side.

Upon waking she told me that it “was the first time I´ve slept in 5 days.” We discussed a few more things and I told her I felt she might enjoy working with older people in a nursing home setting, and she began to cry again. She said that just a few days ago, her pastor had come by trying to get her involved in a local nursing home, and while she really really wanted to get involved, she just couldn´t summon the energy to do it.

We continued to talk for another half an hour, hugged, and then I left her room to join the family in the den.

And while I know that I didn´t “heal” this woman, I felt like a domino falling in the right direction.