A Firm Manshake (or a case of turbulence)

Shear the wool off
sky and man quiver
s exposed
to the mandible of monstrosities. From above,
any pinnacle looks small. Staring down the chute
of possibility what is determined is
that culture is nothing more than fuzz
on a peach.
Look heavenward
to little specks
of source material – that no king can stamp out –
there too, man
is minute.
But that
searching gaze, to either terrain
or Space,
aligns with this (aero)plane.
Peering through its window
it appears
some equation has paid off.
All it took
was a little shake.

Bogar Alonso is a poet and screenwriter living in Brooklyn. His work has screened at the New York International Independent Film Fest and the Chicago Latino Film Festival. Currently, he is putting the finishing touches on a book of poetry to be released in an undetermined future.