Aboriginal Bureaucrats

This taste absorbed of factory wintergreen
The feeling of sun
Rife with expectance
Constructs of dominance surrounding
Beams cutting the cheesecloth clouds
Stretch trying to grasp the light for rebirth
The gulls lamenting wails softened by the warmth of the day
Portent or a stolen kernel
The resilient grass stained by winter
rustles brusquely when grazed by a hand
like hay in a million tired farmhouses
Delicate fences tied by thin wire
Spring breeze teasing their fragility
One forgets themselves and becomes lucid
Induced by the neutrality of the setting
Gnarled with rusty lesions
the grand oak presides
Muttering to his children in ripples

Cameron Boone lives in Tacoma, Washington where he works as an architect and freelance journalist. Mr. Boone is currently finishing his first collection of poems entitled A Cordial Dramatization.