Should I, after tea and cakes and ices,
Have the strength to force the moment to its crisis?


Existentially, the hour feels late. Humanity seems finally to have reached a crossroads where either ruin commences or new consciousness takes the wheel. Though it may be the nature of ego to name the era in which it lives the most urgent, many factors suggest that, this time, the critical moment approaches. A swiftly warming planet and the corporate sector’s continued and conscious disregard for it, the large-scale homogenization of culture, and the revolt against both reason and an objective, fact-based reality pose threats not only to personhood but to the sanity of those struggling nobly against the current. Throw in now America’s willful election of a fascist buffoon, and one finds themselves in an age that transcends satire.

These “pressures of reality” have forced this journal, Fogged Clarity, to shift slightly its approach. Now is not a time for the unbrave, and we can say that Fogged Clarity will grow bolder in its opposition to forces working to undermine autonomy, equality, and human dignity. As the perpetrators of those forces attempt to make the world, and thought itself, more reductive and simplistic, Fogged Clarity in turn will greater commit ourselves to publishing a broader array of voices, art, and perspective in our pages. By publishing more voices and more radical work Fogged Clarity’s mission will be to elevate human consciousness and expedite the implosion of an ego-dominant consumerist culture that anesthetizes its participants to the injustices upon whose back it operates. “Radical work” here should not be taken to mean aesthetically unrefined, nor to, in any way, suggest violence; rather it means work that is galvanized; crafted with the intention of honesty and a refusal to normalize a cultural ignorance and apathy that has gone too far and become too pervasive. Herein you will find a forum to rage against the dying of the light, and to also work towards its rekindling.


Ben Evans
Executive Editor

What makes Fogged Clarity Unique?

By incorporating music and the visual arts, Fogged Clarity aims to transcend the conventions of a typical literary journal. Our network is extensive and our scope is as broad as thought itself—we are, you are, unconstrained. With that spirit in mind, Fogged Clarity is a forum for the work of authors, artists, scholars, and musicians. We provide a clean, beautiful, highly-trafficked home for contemporary art and thought that warrants exposure.