Algorithmic Abstracts

There are two components to the artwork that I am currently producing. First is the process; The challenge of composing images and code that create sprawling abstractions with multiple levels of detail excites and inspires me. I am especially interested in the use of generative and emergent processes combined with traditional composition of color and line. Second is the emotional aspect of the work, which I liken to classical music. The thing that makes classical music great is its ability to invoke a subconscious feeling in the listener, even though they haven’t been exposed to any sort of back-story. There is a deep emotional reaction on a level beyond the surface of conscious thought, in a spiritual place where narrative is less important than raw feeling, where rhythm and harmony speak to the soul. This is the place I am most interested in touching with these works.

Patrick Gunderson is a designer, programmer and artist living and working in Los Angeles.