An Evening with the Clarity

The night of June 20th was a special one for the clarity. 350 people gathered for nearly 4 hours to celebrate beauty and drink good beer. Every performer brought it hard, and the evening became one of emotional intimacy. The small, acoustically capable theater played host to passionate artists who executed their respective talents with a candor that was truly special. We are doing this again: in New York, Chicago, and right back here at home. We are doing it for those who dance naked and pause at sunsets. And doing it for those who wish they could ventilate, but can never seem to work up the courage to defy their own conventions. But mostly, we will do this again because we feel it is imperative to manifest the clarity in the most raw and human way possible; A live show of the life show if you will.

Thank you so much again to our unbelievable performers: Karisa Wilson, Amy King, Samantha Farrell, Michael Tyrell and Judson Claiborne.

And a thank you to everyone who came out to support our journal.