Angles & Insight

The world is constructed of lines and angles, shapes and wavelengths; I have presented these elements in a way that envelops them as cohesive compositions.

The examination of composition is common practice among artists and historians. In an effort to understand my own reasons for creating art, I began to analyze the relationship between human form and environment. By using line to deconstruct these images, the work became an observation of a single subject in her environment. As a constant in the work, the repetition of her form is a control factor in a series of visual experiments. The environment becomes the variable. The geometric shapes of the architecture and sculpture contrasted the free, organic shape of the model as I documented her experience with the space.

Because the images are InkJet translations of computer language, there is also digital information that must be taken into account when creating or viewing the images. As a digital artist, I manipulate this information and render it into a completed image. By engraving the information onto Lexan, I have peeled back the skin to expose the digital skeleton that bears as much weight as the polished exterior of the final image.

Kyle Jones is an artist working out of Kalamazoo, MI.