April 2010

April, the subtle tear of spring.
These seasonal movements–
scored by a languid cellist
–are quaint in their sexuality.

The sun asks no simple questions,
and in its light I become a prospector
panning damage for identity.

This month T.C. Boyle sits down with me to discuss the inspiration behind Wild Child, we stream Judson Claiborne’s much anticipated second release, Time and Temperature, Thomas Matlack opines on being a good man, Randall Mann and Glenn Ashley Paterson debut and read new poems, Ruth and Max Bloomquist share their folk, Sam Linden makes me laugh, Alexa Meade’s brilliant and innovative installations leave me in near disbelief, and Judson Claiborne frontman Chris Salveter plays an intimate acoustic session in a Lakeview apartment, along with much more.


Benjamin Evans
Executive Editor, Fogged Clarity

April 2010

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Polemics & Nonfiction