Analogue Chicago


I started taking photos while on tour with The Sea and Cake in the early 2,000’s. It was a way to make perfect sense of the considerable down time involved with touring, a way to explore visual thinking no matter what truck stop happened to be next. Over the years, I’ve become obsessed with the power of photographs to capture fleeting mystery and offhand beauty, but really it’s enough that it gets you to just walk and look. One of photography’s greatest gifts to me is the never-ending challenge to make something interesting out of a process that feels so automatic/natural.

At some point I discovered that the photos I make where I live, in Chicago, are more successful compared to my tour photos. I think it’s a matter of having to look harder at what you think you’ve already seen, which makes for more resonant photos. This collection of photos were all taken in Chicago between 2015/2016—not far from my house.

Sam Prekop is a musician and photographer living in Chicago. He has released four solo albums and ten as a member of The Sea and Cake.