E is for Easy and F is for Fate: Sheherazade in Love

A Fabricatress is a woman who Frames, who makes, who builds, who constructs: A liar.
Something Fabulous is celebrated in Fable, is a rare thing that shimmers at the edge of belief . . .
Facile: easy, Free from labor. To lift what pains the body and mind/ Easy on the Eyes. Easy as
Pie. Easy. Slut?
Facet: in diamonds, a multitude of Faces. In insects, any of the small
lenses of a compound      eye.

She’s two-faced, sweet-faced, witty, facetious. Sheherazade is bug-eyed and saying what she
sees: A thousand versions of the same love story: each one starry/ but brutal by the end. A film’s
cut down to a thousand nighttime slices/ A thousand moons show a thousand
trickster faces/There’s a thing that’s false, but shiny in nature/ Sometimes its ok to trust/ what’s
easy. A thread of something real/ twists through the gossamer/ Don’t hurt the spider.

Mara Jebsen is a performer, poet and Senior Language Lecturer for NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her poems can be found in jubilat, earlier issues of Fogged Clarity, Boxcar Poetry Review, and Hanging Loose Press. A New York Foundation of the Arts fellow and essayist for the Arts & Literature column of 3quarksdaily, Mara has been working at the intersection of poetry and drama for 16 years, and hails from Philadelphia, and Togo, West Africa.