It is also about projection,
how one puts what one wants, misses,
and believes on a someone
all at once, its crazy,
like my name is crazy. What kind of a name
is Grinwis? It is a good one, my friends,
a good one. Look at the skylight
on your doorknob, how it shines
this weird light. Sometimes it happens
that opening a door
is the same thing as closing it.
The end just is, the way it shows us
is the way. Everyone in my country
is an ex sometime, it is the nature
of many countries and people
to cycle through pain and recovery
like a moose shedding its antlers
year by year, some of us do that
others can’t, there is a gem inside of the universe
in the shape of a question mark.
When my children are with me
the moon always glows brighter
as if the moon knows things like this,
can hold the pain of losing old life
and turn it into a womb, a sword,
a cloud.

James Grinwis‘ two books of poetry are The City from Nome (National Poetry Review Press) and Exhibit of Forking Paths (Coffee House). He co-edits Bateau Press and lives in Northampton, MA.