In Good Faith

As beautiful as it is relevant, here’s Will Oldham performing his new song, “In Good Faith”.


In good faith:
Rocks are buried beneath tons of earth to become diamonds
With the gift of the sunlight the kudzu vine goes climbing
I open my heart to a world not of my making
We open our eyes to another morning breaking

In good faith:
We place our hands on the faces of our mothers
We do what we can to lift fear from the minds of our brothers
Instruments play songs brought forth from the hearts of their makers
These vibrations resound bringing union and love to all takers

In good faith:
We went to the polls so the world would know our choices
Our freedom was sold as the world ignores our voices
A hammer will come to smite the bewildered millions
A new crop will rise, a bodiless swarm of fresh children

Will Oldham is a musician and actor living in Louisville.