Kris Lewis

“As I begin a painting a subject physically, it emotionally and spiritually reveals itself to me. Each brushstroke speaks to the subsequent stroke, carrying out a dialogue, linking my subject and I as if we were meeting for the first time. I find this uncertainty exciting and embrace the indecisive nature of my work.

Artwork is love made visible…”

Kris Lewis on Fogged Clarity

Kris Lewis studied Illustration at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He eventually found himself living and working in Los Angeles, where he still resides and has yet to fully explore. His paintings have been featured in galleries in cities around the world, including L.A., San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Miami, London, and Hong Kong. His work has also been seen in the publications Juxtapoz and Modern Painters, and featured in the books Copro/Nason: A Catalogue Raisonne and Two Faced: The Changing Face of Portraiture.