Just under a year ago, coinciding with inner upheaval, I began creating very simple, minimalist “memes” to convey a sense of isolation, alienation and dissonance. Progressing intuitively over several months, the images encompassed the personal (always with a lateral, cross-sectioned sensibility), politics, consumer culture, pseudo-spirituality, and much else. Ultimately these images have become idiosyncratic, often cryptic commentary on anything that exercises my mind and imagination. The introduction of cutuptext and glitch processes has added to their singularity of vision: a dystopia inhabited by truncated, transmuted thoughts and feelings, abject and free.

*(Images enhance when clicked on)

Jeremy Gluck is a UK based digital artist working in vector, 8bit, glitch art and film, currently developing collections of digital art “memes” called #thehumanbeings, #theunbeings and #nonceptualism, the latter drawn from his Manifesto of Nonceptual Art. His memes will be featured on designs by London independent designer Borderline. He is currently in collaboration with Eltham Hill School, London, piloting a groundbreaking digital art project with students.