To the Woken

The world is very dusty, uncle. Let us work.
—Donald Justice

Light and dark, the age old story. Balance between the two yields harmony—night and day, life and death, instruct us in as much. We all sleep, though only some truly wake. In waking, one is aware of the interconnectivity of all things, and not only understands, but participates in this harmony. It takes work, luck, love or any combination of the three to wake. If you have woken, you think of yourself as not one, but part of a whole; you understand and feel this whole to be under threat. Such recognition charges you, the woken, with a responsibility and duty to preserve harmony and prevent the destruction of the whole—of the planet, of one another, and of the very act and privilege of living, and waking, themselves. Now is the time to stand up.

The earth is the hottest it has been in our history; suicides, gun deaths, diabetes, obesity, and mental illness are at all-time highs in America. Walk anywhere outside of a city in the United States and look people in the eyes, more times than not, you will see either vacancy or sadness. Spirits are disappearing into the machine, being eaten by the machine, are the oil of the machine. The vacant eyes have been robbed even of knowing this; the sad eyes know, and lament it to the point of slow self-destruction. Perhaps these eyes had a chance to wake, and never took it. More likely they were coaxed from birth to play a game rigged to rob their souls. This game, this jig—at this precise moment, the moment in history that you, the woken, are alive in the world—is either up or human consciousness is. Maybe not tomorrow or in five years, but soon. This is the apex of the history of our being. Either we cede it, finally, to a machine gone out of control, or we stand up–peaceful, calm, and brave—like Ghandi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, put our palms out and say no more. No more inequality. No more environmental degradation. No more war for money. No more war. No more money in politics. No more profit at the expense of human dignity.

Stand up for peace. Come to Philly. Stand up for equality. Come to Philly. Stand up for justice. Come to Philly. Stand up to survive. Come to Philly. Stand up for humanity. Come to Philly. In peace and in truth, on July 25, come to Philly. Let us, together, raise our palms.