Inspire or Expire

A few years ago I moved to what seemed to be a nice apartment, in an odd, nonresidential, part of town, in an old triangular building that stood on a corner all by itself. As it turned out it was an awful place to live. The building was too small and the apartments were too… More

Theater Review

In the last several years I’ve been writing a series of “review poems.” I think of them either as “meta-poems” or perhaps as “meta-reviews.” In either case, rather than being a dutiful poetic commentary on a particular work, they look to do a few things that seem (to me at least) to be more interesting.… More

A Blog On My Previous Blog

Someone, who is often quoted but rarely identified, said that there’s nothing more boring than other people’s dreams (it sounds like something Dr. Johnson would say, but I don’t know that it’s him). This probably includes things like steroid dreams, opium dreams, some hallucinogen experiences etc. In re-reading my previous blog (“Performance Enhancing Drugs”) I… More