Of Portland, Powells, Oysters and Anne Lamott

We took our thirteen-year-old on a surprise trip to Portland to hear Anne Lamott read. We also wanted him to experience why, when we’ve gone to the Tin House Writer’s Workshop many times over the last ten years, we go a couple days early. This is an account of Portland from a true food-and-book lover’s eyes… More

All the Ways to Say I Love You From A to Z

I am not good with time. Six or eight years ago I wrote this for my son on his birthday. Yes, it’s sentimental but it was actually published! As we come up on his birthday again, maybe a few things have changed a little – video games have replaced music, he sleeps VERY late on Sunday mornings and such, but this is basically as true today as it was years ago. More

Publisher as Sourdough

We are currently building our 9th issue of San Pedro River Review. For every issue we take the electronic copy of the last one, delete everything, and start over with the existing Publisher shell. It occurs to me that this journal is like sourdough bread, built with a starter from long ago, and all the more rich for it. More