Josie Morway’s hyper-realistic flora and fauna explode from the canvas in these paintings infused with geometric linework, thoughtful paint drips, and enigmatic Latin text. More

Alone in the Big City

ARTIST STATEMENT These photographs are connected by the pervasive yet concealed juxtaposition that one may feel while lonely in a crowd, no better exemplified than by day-to-day interactions experienced on the street. The use of double-exposure allows me to create intimate relationships between strangers who will never meet despite operating in the same social domain,… More


These recent oil paintings by German artist Aplay Efe linger in the interstices between candor and mystique. Alpay Efe is a painter living and working in Germany. Further work can be found here. More

Toward the Soul’s Abstraction

These recent portraits by Cape Town artist Ryan Hewett are intended as abstracted representations of figures who have, for better or worse, shaped the world in which we live. Ryan Hewett is an artist based in Cape Town. Further work can be found at More

Ultraviolet Reverie

ARTIST STATEMENT I spent the better part of my shooting time in the Fall of 2017 with a florescent light filter on my Minolta 70-210mm f/4 lens. I used a digital camera and an adapter to connect to the old lens. I shot with this set up almost exclusively for three months unless I was… More


ARTIST STATEMENT ¢andy is an examination of expiration and hoax through mismatched strata and transcribed eavesdroppings. Fabricated with cheap 35mm prints, coagulated paint and a generative practice centered at your public library. Ian Rummell(b. 1985) is an artist from Johnstown, Pennsylvania. More


ARTIST STATEMENT Just under a year ago, coinciding with inner upheaval, I began creating very simple, minimalist “memes” to convey a sense of isolation, alienation and dissonance. Progressing intuitively over several months, the images encompassed the personal (always with a lateral, cross-sectioned sensibility), politics, consumer culture, pseudo-spirituality, and much else. Ultimately these images have become… More


ARTIST STATEMENT I’ve always been fascinated by the qualities of the intelligent machine and what I term “unbeings”– described in my writings on spirituality and technology dating back to Y2K as “life forms beyond existence and the existent; anti-beings, empty energy forms, figures in and of space… quantum shapes.” It wasn’t until I started using… More


ARTIST STATEMENT Photographs taken at night present the viewer with altered settings. The contrast between the cool blues of the naturally darkened landscape punctuated by the varied colours of artificial lighting accentuates the space these places occupy. Industrial sites take on an otherworldly quality, and common places (otherwise overlooked through familiarity) stand out against the… More

Analogue Chicago

ARTIST STATEMENT I started taking photos while on tour with The Sea and Cake in the early 2,000’s. It was a way to make perfect sense of the considerable down time involved with touring, a way to explore visual thinking no matter what truck stop happened to be next. Over the years, I’ve become obsessed… More


ARTIST STATEMENT Based on unceded territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh First Nations – gran am, more commonly known as amanda anderson, is an interdisciplinary artist who seeks to challenge and explore the prevalent themes of idealized femininity and normalized oppression through visual collage, harsh drones, disembodied vocals, and oscillating feedback. gran am is… More

Invisible Borders

Norwegian photographer Maren Klemp investigates the realm of mental illness in a series of haunting portraits featured in the Spring 2016 edition of Fogged Clarity. More


Shanelle Fredrickson photographs the expanses of Alberta and British Columbia. More

Used Cars

Poet and photographer Jay Nebel captures the Portland he grew up knowing in his series, “Used Cars”. More


The fantastically curious illustration and collage of Pierre Schmidt, aka Drømsjel, is featured in the Spring 2015 edition of Fogged Clarity. More


Evoking the work of cubist masters, Koji Takei‘s sculptures re-imagine traditional forms in aesthetically provocative (and pleasing) ways. More