The working title for this ongoing series of paintings was “Crate”. The subject of a figure in a box originated from a search for an image to represent the escapologist which could take its place beside various circus performers in a suite called “Smoke & Mirrors” . However, the works may now be considered as a stand-alone project. The composition of figure physically enclosed within the confines of the frame should also be regarded as a visual metaphor for

A] social isolation

B] political oppression

C] high risk strategies employed in acts of voluntary and coerced, illegal human trafficking across continents.

The paintings are all squares in format, with dimensions ranging from 10cm to 92cm, and have all been painted and designed to hang any way up. The works preview later this year and the pictures will be rotated by 90 and 180 degrees at the start of each day so that the exhibition re-invents itself visually throughout the run.

Glenn Ibbitson is an artist living in Wales. Mr. Ibbitson is a former scenic artist for BBC Television in London and co-curator of the series Lines and Strata. His work has taken prizes at the Artist’s Open in Cardigan, the Drawing Biennial in Queens and Emyrs Arts in Haverfordwest. Internationally recognized, Mr. Ibbitson’s work can be found in galleries and museums across the globe.