Daniel O’Toole (EARS)

Ears’ solo exhibition, War Paint, was on display at Lo-fi Collective in Sydney last month. For upcoming exhibitions and more images check out earstotheground.net.

The masks we create become the outer layers that protect us, our exterior is a shallow shield and its decoration irrelevant, yet its maintenance is essential as we constantly work to alter our appearances. “War Paint” is a body of work that begins to examine the meaning and allure of that second skin. Ears presents a dramatic new series of brightly adorned visages that jump from the darkness, these portraits are obscured and explore the barriers of protection that keep us safe.

Daniel O’Toole on Fogged Clarity

Daniel O’Toole, also known as ‘ears,’ splits his creative time between the studio and the street. He lives and works in Sydney where he attended National Art School.