drowning in mercy

pain’s double consequence

across the palm crawling crosses

then the pencil writes history emptying

out heroes’ emptiness possibly full

strains of virus

the virtuous people laugh

about reaching the bottom

a voice with clicking sounds

the anti-virus is behind all this

also a gaseous atmosphere

implodes a delicate surface

may rescue us

the savior stood in front of the table explaining attachments

leaches &

diamond stick pins designating

the arrangements

of flora and fauna standing in

a row the leaves are weapons

changes in breeding orange poppies magic

numbers the trucks

numbered yellow

the yard signs momentum is disingenuous

drowning in mercy along the way

unless it is for a vaulted sky

on her bare

shoulders the silver bag

covers her face(s)

Mary Kasimor has been published in numerous online and print journals, including most recently Moria, Gutcult, Otoliths, MIPOesias, and BlazeVox2k3 among others. She recently released her book, silk string arias, published by BlazeVox Books.