Flash interview #17: The End of Cool

How do you know when something that has been cool has ceased to be cool? Are there any hipsters reading this? Is there a litmus test?

Because here’s a theory about fashion at least: a clothing ensemble is no longer cool when it has been appropriated in miniature as doggie drag.

If it holds true, the classic, and one might have thought timeless, appeal of the yellow polka dot bikini may well have expired. Mark your calendars. When Fido is scoping out Fiorina in this hot little number, the Joleens of the world have long-since outpaced it. Of course, given what made it popular is the pairing of naughtiness with innocence, it can probably make a comeback in irony, but with so few other indicators possible on a beach towel, the wearer may have to dye her hair blue to signify she’s aware of it.