glaciers & glory

with the last attack she only

felt her socks sagging they were all

lapsed & didn’t think about another fabric

in the background

music & thin mail arrived

a flurry of word arrangements among

the gingerly flakes diamond mines

ceased production

in the dunes lovers lie awake

in stormy weather salty dogs washed

overboard the name biscuit

logic emphasizes difference

downward spirals

in the art gallery

we gazed at virtual red those devoted

to catholicism ate bloody orbs

she wore emeralds on her finger

cemented on crept into her every devotion

water on porcelain a gauzy wind of sparrows

most odds & ends swept aside the crux

of the problem too many counted as saved

or recycled an odd elbow a crook in the knee

dust under the bed

justice served

world without end

Mary Kasimor has been published in numerous online and print journals, including most recently Moria, Gutcult, Otoliths, MIPOesias, and BlazeVox2k3 among others. She recently released her book, silk string arias, published by BlazeVox Books.